Sunday, August 10, 2008

floydfest 2008....a family affair

It can be stressful to have two big festivals on back-to-back weekends! Because of the way the calendar works out, for the last two years Greyfox and Floydfest do just that, and it takes a bit of luck and some mighty fine help in order for me to pull it off. The teardown at Greyfox went did rain a bit, but those tents that got wet were getting put back up soon anyway.

And it surely helps that the folks at Floydfest save my "spot"! I have been with the Floydfest from Day 1, and over the years have actually built a really nice camping area out of what once was just a piece of woods that featured high spots, low spots, dead and broken trees, stumps of all sorts, etc..... By the third year I was bringing along my chain saw, which surely helped the process! Along with the chain saw I extensively used a pick axe, shovel, rake, machete, and other such implements of contruction/destruction to carve out a very sweet festival camping area. I know where every tent and gazebo fits in amongst the trees and walk-ways, so when I get there a little raking is all the prep work I need to do. And again, I was blessed with having a couple of hard-workin' fun folks who were a riot to hang around with. And Terra's four year old son Blake was a treat! (my favorite age for all of my children was four...) He was dedicated to the Dancin'Dave cause, asking inumerable questions that I usually had a good answer for; and if I didn't he'd persist until I came up with one...>g< He is waaay cute, and I can't believe that I never took a photo of him!

Terra and wonderful helpers (Travis is NO where near as scary as he looks..>g<)

So much thanks and admiration goes out from me to Kris and Erika, whose vision of what their festival was to come to be has been successfully reached! This was the seventh year for Floydfest, and it has been fun to watch it grow into a world-class festival...I'm damned proud to be a part of it. Thanks also goes out to those folks who hold off the campers/volunteers who want to set up in my "spot" before I can get there...Theresa (who is also a favorite dance partner of mine), Joel (who is not..>g<), and Shannon and a couple of other folks that I don't really know; it helps to make for a very smooth transition from Greyfox to Floydfest. I know that my regular customers sure appreciate knowing exactly where they will be camped from year to year. Also...thanks to Tom, the owner of the land on which the Floydfest sits! It of course is very generous of him to do this...he's a more than fine fellow who worries about my arrival until I actually get there.

David and His Two Kids Love Their Setup On the Corner of "Happy" and "High" Streets! (He does the campsite decorations...>g<)

Tanya and Theresa are Major Cogs in the Floydfest Organization and Mother and Daughter and now Mother and Grandmother, Thanks to the Arrival of Devan a Month Ago!

Dreaming Creek Main Stage...That's the David Grisman Quintet on Stage (honest!)

Cutie Dance Partners of Mine (I'm a Lucky Guy...>g<)

The Hodag is a Mythical Creature That Lurks Around the Rhinelander, Wisconsin Deep Woods...If the Person Who Wrote This Note on My Truck Sees This...Who Are You?!

A Beautiful Floydfest/Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway Sunset

I Have an Affinity for Good Fathers and Their Cute Kids...Check Out Those Eyes! (I don't know who these fine folks are...)

And I had my first ever "f**k up" at Floydfest! I had a customer name of Martin and a customer name of Marty, and I switched their campsites....Martin was supposed to have a gazebo at his site and Marty wasn't, but I did get them mixed up and when Martin showed up wondering where his gazebo was I realized the screw-up. Marty had already "checked in", and as it turned out he was probably wondering why there was this gazebo next to his tent! Martin took my foul-up in stride..he is a classy kind of guy! He's also a well-reknown author, Martin Clark, who wrote "The Many Aspects of "Mobile Home Living", "Plain Heathen Mischief", and his new novel, "The Legal Limit". The New York Times magazine calls him "the thinking man's John Grisham", and a great example of his classy nature is the fact that he sent me a copy of "Mobile home..." and "Legal limit..." and actually thanked me for being a part of my first "f**k up"! I told him that if I was going to screw up that he and his wife Deanna were good choices...>g< Martin is also a circuit court judge, living in Stuart, Virginia.

But the best line that I heard during the festival was from a sweet young woman who asked me if the sunshower setup that I had set up for a customer would cause water to run into the tent that she wanted to set up. I pointed out the fact that actually her spot was on higher ground, so that shouldn't be a problem at all. She replied with: "thanks so much...I'm not much of a camper!" Damn, she sure was cute though...>g<

I will get into the music part of Floydfest in Part was an amazing musical treat!

Peace, David

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