Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my most exciting trip to a festival...

In the fall of 2001 my son Noel and his wife Jenny announced to me that I would become a Grandpa! (I had been sort-of a grandpa by then, as my wife Lynn's daughter had had a son (Alic) 6 years prior, but at that time we were not married.)I was of course looking forward to my own "children" becoming parents, and Noel was to be the first.

In the spring of 2002 things were goin' along smoothly, but that stopped when Jen's water broke, at the start of the 25th week of her pregnancy. This was totally unexpected, as it was a full 15 weeks before this was supposed to happen! There was no indication of anything unusual up to that point...Jen was perfectly healthy. She spent the next three weeks bedridden in the hospital; the doctors would not even allow her to get up to visit the restroom. Through those three weeks she was her usual ebullient up-beat self, and Noel was his usual supportive, upbeat self.

On March 17th I left a day early for my trip to the Suwannee Springfest in Florida so I could stop in Green Bay to see her and Noel. I had made my daily call to her in the hospital before I left, and she was definitely not as chipper as she had been...but hey, the strain on her had to be getting to her.

I arrived to the hospital at around 4:00 in the afternoon. The nurses had moved her from the "birthing room" to a room right around the corner, and a new nurse had just started her shift. The three of us were talking when the nurse noticed something different goin' on with the monitors that were hooked up to Jen and went off to find the head nurse. They both came back quickly and just as quickly moved Jen back to the room she had been in all those weeks. So, there we were, back in the birthing room, wondering what was goin' on. After a little while I went for a walk, ending up in the fathers' waiting room, where soon after I heard a commotion in the hall. I looked out to see a nurse come running down the hall, pushing an incubator and entering the door next to Jen's room. In a second she came back out, hustling back to where she had come from. My thoughts were: "mmm...someone else has just had a baby.."

Turned out that that was my new grandson! Connor David had been born in the couple of minutes after I had left...there were two doors and two rooms where Jenny had been moved to. (It was ony about an hour after I arrived at the hospital.) Noel came to find me soon after, telling me that his son had been born! We went back into the room, and the three of us sat around, wondering just what the heck had just happened...>g<

It was soon after that the doctor came in, explaining the situation: Connor's lungs were not even ready to be working as yet, but that was not even the most pressing problem! He explained that at the start of the 28th week there are veins on the top of the head that connected to the skull, and fortunately seeing as how this was actually the first day of the 28th week that there was a possiblity that that had happened but that he didn't know for sure at that point....the spot of blood needed to be of a certain small size in order for it to be a good connection. It was soon after that Noel and I were allowed to go to see Connor, and I swear that the diaper that they had on him was the size of my thumbnail! He weighed a whole 2lb 4oz, and was the tiniest human being that I had ever seen...and he arrived a full 12 weeks early.

So--Connor David spent an excruciating three months in the hospital, and his chance of survival was always in doubt; except in Noel's mind. (and I was sooo afraid that he was setting himself up for the most dramatic downfall...) Connor had many blood tranfusions during this time, and in a long story-short explanation, he even got to the point where he had a last chance for survival...a steroid shot that was a last-ditch effort to get his lungs to work on their own. Lynn and I were at the hospital when this was administered, and Noel and Jen were damned near completely wore out both physically and mentally by this point. We were all told to go home and with that we said our goodbyes, with us heading home to the north woods (a three hour drive), and Noel and Jen to their home in Green Bay. It was a pretty somber scene...

And we weren't home very long when we got the call...Connor had started breathing on his own!!! (I have goosebumps and tears happening even now as I'm typing...) Oh my goodness...we all cannot thank enough the marvelous efforts and know-how of all the folks that administered Connor's life-saving procedures during all of that time! And Connor David became known in the hospital as the "miracle baby"...a cover boy in a hospital publication, even. >g<

Today Connor David is a super intelligent, way way cute healthy 6 year old spitfire who is about to enter 1st grade! He is a joy to the whole family, and I couldn't be more proud of the father that my son has become or the mother that Jenny is.

Noel and Jenny

My Favorite Photo of Connor David, at the Edge of Turtle Lake (a beautiful little lake near my home)

The day after Connor's birth I had to head south to the festival. I was goin' down the Interstate at 70 miles an hour when this poem simply popped out of my brain. I wrote it down while I was driving...the original scribbling can only be read by me! After the poem was written I called Jen, reciting it to her while she lay in her hospital bed and I continued driving. Actually, I recited and cried my way through it...it is still her favorite version. I stopped at the nearest small town in Illinois and rewrote it and mailed it to them...and there was NOT ONE edit! The poem basically wrote itself...

An exciting thing happened
On the way to the gig.
Connor David is small,
But his impact is big.

He burst in the scene
With a flourish and flair;
A handsome little boy,
And he even had hair!

His mother deserves
All the thanks and acclaim
That befits a true hero,
Not only in name.

And then there's the Father,
A handsome young lad
Whose son will be proud to say:
"This is my dad".

Connor David will choose
A path of his own;
It's direction may vary,
For a time be unknown.

And he'll go down that path
Knowing the truth in his heart,
That his parents have loved him
Right from the start.

And if I remember right...it was a helluva' Springfest!

Peace, David

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

floydfest 2008...the music

Floydfest is another one of those festivals that I'm not familiar with most of the music presented, and I like it! The staff at Floydfest obviously search far and wide for their lineup....there's a wealth of musical talent in the hills of Virginia so there are many local artists presented, plus their search takes them around the country and to many parts of the globe as well. I like it...>g<

The first band that I heard as a matter of fact I wasn't aware of...Junior League. They may have come from the Washington D.C. area, but I can't be sure. I do know that I was very impressed with their originality and presentation of their music. The band's music is highlighted by the sweet vocals of Lissy Rosemont.

Following the Junior League was the Chatham County Line, who I have been familiar with for a couple or few years now. They hail from North Carolina and are a tight mostly traditional bluegrass band who does all original material. I saw them the weekend before at Greyfox and I hope to see them many times in the future. They are booked by the lovely Holly Baranski Lohman, who is both a customer and a friend of mine...she told me that the band is very popular in the Netherlands! I also really got a charge out of a Workshop Porch set by some "Crooked Road All-Stars", musicians who live and play on the Crooked Road that winds through the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. I didn't know any of the musicians, but they sure were good! Another fine young group was Oneside, from the Boston area, who dubs themselves a "rock band with a banjo".

A very good hot young bluegrass band is the Farewell Drifters. I had seen them in Florida at the Suwannee Springfest and was duly impressed by them again. I love their stage presence, also...

the everybodyfields are from Johnson City, Tn. Sweet, sweet music! I didn't know what "genre" folks would catagorize them in, until I heard the term "alt-country", and because of this I still don't know...I do know, though, that they played quite a few wonderful waltzs and that I found just the right partner for this, so I very much enjoyed their set!

There was such hot music in the Dance Tent! Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band, Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, 3 Minute Lovin', and even Crooked Still had the place hoppin'! One curiosity though that always gets me wonderin' is when I come to the Dance Stage and find that most of the floor is covered by folks sitting in lawn chairs! Huh? It takes lots of cajoling at times to get folks to realize just exactly what a "Dance Stage" means...>g<

And of course there were some "usual suspects" on the Floydfest lineup. Railroad Earth is always fun; I'm always glad to see them on a festival lineup. The David Grisman Quintet is of course a treat. The weekend before at Greyfox I saw David with his bluegrass band...the man is amazing. I do miss Joe Craven in the quintet, but am really liking the guitar work of Frank Vignola, who is a really fine addition. Michael Cleveland & Flamekeper is another band that I got to see two weekends in a row and that's a good thing! Super bluegrass band....

My two favorites obviously fall into that "usual suspect" catagory. The first being Tony Trischka...I have been a fan of Tony's since the mid-70s, when I first saw him with his band "Skyline". He is of course a master musician, and his latest project is the Double Banjo Bluegrass Spectacular and it is every bit of spectacular! A couple of years ago I found that Tony is also a fine person and that's always a good thing to find out...I will have to tell that story someday.

And my favorite band was one that I hadn't heard before, but I knew they'd be my favorite going in! I have been a big fan of Crooked Still since they burst onto the festival scene, and although I knew that they had changed band personnel I was aware of the new members so I looked forward to the new lineup with much anticipation...and they delivered! Tristan Clarridge on cello and Brittney Haas on 5 string fiddle were hotter than hot. Add this to the banjo of Greg Lizt, the solid bass played by Corey Dimario, and the angelic singing of Aoife O'Donovan and this is a band that I like! Aoife is a sweetie and a friend and I taught her how to two-step at Merlefest last spring...did I mention she sings like an angel? >g<

On The Workshop Porch

And last but certainly not least is my good friend, John McBroom. His band is called "Blue Mule", and they play a mix of bluegrass, newgrass, jazz, rock and blues. John is a musician and a father and a teacher among other notable traits, and he's the kind of fellow that you admire more and more as you get to know him. I am proud to call him my friend.....

There was sooo much more! Floydfest music includes bluegrass, newgrass, mountain and folk, blues, rock, rockabilly, jazz, Latin and other world grooves. There was much music that I didn't get to check out, but it sure was fun listening to friends rave about what I missed! Eclectic is an appropo word to describe this festival...classy and hip-happenin' would be a couple of others. This festival has come onto its own, and has to take a backseat to no festival that I've ever been to. It's in a beautiful setting and the staff has turned the venue into a treat for all of the senses. There are numerous varieties of food and craft vendors, all of high-quality. I am very proud to be a part of this...

And I still don't get the Avett Brothers, or Donna the Buffalo, for that matter....

Peace, David

Sunday, August 10, 2008

one of my greyfox groups....

Len is on guitar and vocals and his wife Anneke is playing the cello. They have come to Greyfox from the Netherlands now for four years in a row...and in the process have made friends with Matt on the bass and Hil on the mandolin and I don't remember the guitar playin' gal's name. The flutist is none other than the lovely Laurie. They all camp together...a group of eight tents; I love my patrons! >g<

A floydfest cutie....

I have contended that other than videos that I have of my own grandchildren this video of Isaac jammin' on his banjo at Floydfest has to be the cutest video I have ever seen! I am sure glad that I happened to be in the right place at the right time.... Isaac and his parents Nancy and Derek are friends of mine at Floydfest and are the kind of folks that make my festival experiences so precious.

the Hill Holler Stage....

This video helps to show the beauty of the Floydfest! The Blue Ridge Parkway is way up on the hill, and the entrance to the festival is just below it. My good friend, John McBroom, and his band "Blue Mule" are playing....

floydfest 2008....a family affair

It can be stressful to have two big festivals on back-to-back weekends! Because of the way the calendar works out, for the last two years Greyfox and Floydfest do just that, and it takes a bit of luck and some mighty fine help in order for me to pull it off. The teardown at Greyfox went smoothly...it did rain a bit, but those tents that got wet were getting put back up soon anyway.

And it surely helps that the folks at Floydfest save my "spot"! I have been with the Floydfest from Day 1, and over the years have actually built a really nice camping area out of what once was just a piece of woods that featured high spots, low spots, dead and broken trees, stumps of all sorts, etc..... By the third year I was bringing along my chain saw, which surely helped the process! Along with the chain saw I extensively used a pick axe, shovel, rake, machete, and other such implements of contruction/destruction to carve out a very sweet festival camping area. I know where every tent and gazebo fits in amongst the trees and walk-ways, so when I get there a little raking is all the prep work I need to do. And again, I was blessed with having a couple of hard-workin' fun folks who were a riot to hang around with. And Terra's four year old son Blake was a treat! (my favorite age for all of my children was four...) He was dedicated to the Dancin'Dave cause, asking inumerable questions that I usually had a good answer for; and if I didn't he'd persist until I came up with one...>g< He is waaay cute, and I can't believe that I never took a photo of him!

Terra and Travis....my wonderful helpers (Travis is NO where near as scary as he looks..>g<)

So much thanks and admiration goes out from me to Kris and Erika, whose vision of what their festival was to come to be has been successfully reached! This was the seventh year for Floydfest, and it has been fun to watch it grow into a world-class festival...I'm damned proud to be a part of it. Thanks also goes out to those folks who hold off the campers/volunteers who want to set up in my "spot" before I can get there...Theresa (who is also a favorite dance partner of mine), Joel (who is not..>g<), and Shannon and a couple of other folks that I don't really know; it helps to make for a very smooth transition from Greyfox to Floydfest. I know that my regular customers sure appreciate knowing exactly where they will be camped from year to year. Also...thanks to Tom, the owner of the land on which the Floydfest sits! It of course is very generous of him to do this...he's a more than fine fellow who worries about my arrival until I actually get there.

David and His Two Kids Love Their Setup On the Corner of "Happy" and "High" Streets! (He does the campsite decorations...>g<)

Tanya and Theresa are Major Cogs in the Floydfest Organization and Mother and Daughter and now Mother and Grandmother, Thanks to the Arrival of Devan a Month Ago!

Dreaming Creek Main Stage...That's the David Grisman Quintet on Stage (honest!)

Cutie Dance Partners of Mine (I'm a Lucky Guy...>g<)

The Hodag is a Mythical Creature That Lurks Around the Rhinelander, Wisconsin Deep Woods...If the Person Who Wrote This Note on My Truck Sees This...Who Are You?!


A Beautiful Floydfest/Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway Sunset

I Have an Affinity for Good Fathers and Their Cute Kids...Check Out Those Eyes! (I don't know who these fine folks are...)

And I had my first ever "f**k up" at Floydfest! I had a customer name of Martin and a customer name of Marty, and I switched their campsites....Martin was supposed to have a gazebo at his site and Marty wasn't, but I did get them mixed up and when Martin showed up wondering where his gazebo was I realized the screw-up. Marty had already "checked in", and as it turned out he was probably wondering why there was this gazebo next to his tent! Martin took my foul-up in stride..he is a classy kind of guy! He's also a well-reknown author, Martin Clark, who wrote "The Many Aspects of "Mobile Home Living", "Plain Heathen Mischief", and his new novel, "The Legal Limit". The New York Times magazine calls him "the thinking man's John Grisham", and a great example of his classy nature is the fact that he sent me a copy of "Mobile home..." and "Legal limit..." and actually thanked me for being a part of my first "f**k up"! I told him that if I was going to screw up that he and his wife Deanna were good choices...>g< Martin is also a circuit court judge, living in Stuart, Virginia.

But the best line that I heard during the festival was from a sweet young woman who asked me if the sunshower setup that I had set up for a customer would cause water to run into the tent that she wanted to set up. I pointed out the fact that actually her spot was on higher ground, so that shouldn't be a problem at all. She replied with: "thanks so much...I'm not much of a camper!" Damn, she sure was cute though...>g<

I will get into the music part of Floydfest in Part 2...it was an amazing musical treat!

Peace, David

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

greyfox 2008...there was more!

I haven't yet mentioned the Kids Academy! Their Sunday Main Stage set is always a tear-laden affair....those youngins' are sooo damned cute!! I'm proud to do a small part for the program by setting up some gazebos that the kids can practice under during the festival; many thanks have to go out to Karen and Mike and George and Brian and a host of other fine folk that have put together and keep together such a wonderful program. It is a treat....I happened to be sitting next to the mother of one of the younger fiddlers during the set and she couldn't have been beaming more!




By far the funniest moment for me at this year's Greyfox happened during Sam Bush's workshop. Sam and his guitarist Stephen Moughin were in the middle of a more than fine workshop when a fellow wearing a full-face rabbit mask came sneaking in from behind the tent. He came up to Sam, startling him at first, but cracking him up soon after! Sam immediately started playing "White Rabbit", using the words: "and the ones that Jerry gives you don't do anything at all....". It was flippin' hilarious; Jerry Douglas is a riot, and he danced and moved around Sam and Stephen as they made their way through most of the song. The crowd was cracking up as well, of course. Sam told me later that he was pretty sure that that was the first time that Stephen has ever played that song....>g<



At the Leaf last May I met Bob Dylan's soundman, Pablo...pretty neat. At Greyfox 2008I had just received a wonderful massage and was relaxing with another fellow in the area set aside for just that thing. We struck up a conversation and lo and behold I met Ryan Rinoso (sp?), who is Sammy's soundman! We had a fun time together, and he got a charge out of a Dylan story that came out of my meeting with Pablo that I haven't told in a blog. Ryan's a good guy, and he told me that working for Sam is a riot...go figure.

And last but not least: I was never a fan of tie-dye, despite growing up in the 60s. However, a bunch of years ago Lynn bought me a sweet tie-dye dress shirt made by a fellow named Mark, whose tie-dye work was unique and very cool. (Mark was a sort-of friend of mine; I knew him for many years at many festivals. He was intelligent on one hand and an idiot and disgusting on the other. But most of all he was a true tie-dye artist. He died during this past year....)Over the years I have received many compliments on that shirt and another that I wear....you can recognize Mark's work in an instant. I decided a couple of years ago that Sam shloud have a shirt like that, so after months of trying to get ahold of Mark I finally connected. He made a shirt for me/Sam and mailed it to me. Turned out it was a t-shirt, and when I wrote back to him to tell him that I wanted a dress/Hawaiian type shirt for Sam, he simply made another one and told me to keep the t-shirt.

I was wearing one of Mark's shirts when I ran into Bela while we were both watching Uncle Earl. He really like the shirt, commenting that it was very cool. We talked a little about Mark, and while doin' so I had a thought: "why not give Bela that t-shirt?" It was made originally for Sam, it's a collector's item, and like Sam Bush, Bela Fleck has entertained me in ways uncounted. I debated it overnight, even getting advice from Kristen Andreassen, whose advice made me want to give the gift. So after the Sparrow Quartet set I presented Bela with the shirt...he was surprised and said he felt honored. And I sure felt good about it, also....

Can I repeat myself?

What a festival!!

Peace, David

Monday, August 4, 2008

greyfox 2008...part 2

It was a fantastic Greyfox dancin'ly!! I spent lots of time in the dance tent and was blessed with both the great dance music and the great dance partners...plus there was lots of dancin' happenin' at the Main Stage; again, I didn't miss the Hill where it was a challenge to keep from dancin' down a hill when you weren't even trying to...>g<

Actually, the dancing started a couple of nights before the festival started. Lynn and I stopped by the office that night, and were delighted to be treated to the sound of dear friend Lisa pickin' her guitar and singin' like an angel. I requested a waltz tune and it took her about 10 seconds to break into a sweet waltz that Lynn and I took advantage of by waltzing around the office. It was a sweet and wonderful moment, the kind that can bring tears to eyes....

I attended some outrageous dance sets in the Dance Pavilion... On Thursday night I danced to the Red Stick Ramblers, and it simply doesn't get any better than that! (but there are some sets that were just as good, come to think about it...>g<) On Friday it was Adrienne Young and then Uncle Earl, plus at night it was Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys that had me hoppin'. I had seen this group for the first time at Leaf last May, and knew that I couldn't miss their set! On Saturday it was again Adrienne Young, Uncle Earl, and for a night-time topper it was Red Knuckles!! I had many great partners during all of this dancin', but it was a real treat to notice the lovely Mary Burdette standing next to the dance floor during Red and so of course I took the opportunity to spin her around and around. Mary and I have waltzed a couple of times and waltzed once backstage at the Main Stage that same day, but this was the first time in all these years that we got to dance a few dances...the woman is usually WAY too busy during the festival to have time for the music. It was a special moment for me...Mary is one of the main cogs in that wonderful Greyfox staff and I admire her work and dedication to the Greyfox cause.

And getting together with my friend Kristin Andreassen on the dance floor was a hoot, as well! We also danced at the Main Stage...she is such a cute, talented, sweet young women and it's always a pleasure to visit with her. This was a rare Uncle Earl performance for this year...they are not doing many gigs this year, and I'm hoping that they get to do more in 2009.

This was the second year that we brought our grandson Alic to Greyfox. He's now 12 years old and is really a delight to have along. He works hard for the Dancin'Dave cause and it's not hard for me to keep him in good humor. He is quick with his mind, but I can still keep him guessing at times...>g< He was afraid that he wouldn't be able to come to Greyfox this year since he joined a junior baseball league for the first time this summer, but was estatic when he realized that his season ended just before we left for New York. His new-found love of the game was greatly accented when he and Lynn were able to attend a Yankee game at Yankee stadium (thanks to a customer of mine) before they flew home to Wisconsin after the festival. (I would have LOVED to have gone to the Stadium during this last year, but I had to hightail it down to Virginia and Floydfest...) Alic also had a grand time in the creek during the festival...what 12 year old wouldn't? And his favorite music was the Sammy set; he couldn't make it to the end, but he sure was diggin' it while he could! (he's a good boy...>g<)

What a festival! In blog #1 part of my praise for Mary Doub and her staff were cut off for no reason that I can fathom, so....thanks again, my friends, for helping to make yet another fantastic festival experience for me! You guys were faced with an almost unending list of challenges with the move to a new location, and in my mind you did a whale of a job.

Peace, David

Sunday, August 3, 2008

greyfox 2008....

I had meant to blog about my favorite festival before this year's version came around, but alas, I ran out of time. Suffice it to say at this point that the Greyfox Bluegrass Festival has been my absolute favorite festival ever since 1998 when I made my first trip to the Hill. Someday I may go back and touch on lots of the reasons why, but for now I'm going to concentrate only on this year.

It was a big year, of course, with the festival having to move location, after 31 years on the Rothvoss Hill. Despite the mystique of the Hill, I for one was super excited for the move....it was a real bear to navigate and work on that Hill and I will be forever grateful that no one was ever seriously injured there, as far as I know. The new location promised to be a much more gentle experience, and I couldn't wait to see it in person.

Lynn and I and grandson Alic arrived on Saturday. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that there was some confusion as to where I could set up, bg< And all of my customers were happy with the setup and that's the main focus for me.

And the Greyfox staff has alot of big decisions to make concerning lots of different festival policies....from chair height to parking to vendors to stage placement; and the list can go on and on. I have the utmost of confidence in these folks to gather lots of opinions and try to sort them out as to what's best for the vast majority of the attendees. There's no way that everyone will always be pleased, but Mary and co. will do their best to please as many folks as they can. It is a tough job....

The Start of The Setup


There was music!! I am happy to report that the lineup was stellar as usual! Much thanks goes out to Chuck Wentworth for always putting together a top-notch musical experience. There were a few bands that I wasn't familiar with, such as Missy Raines & the New Hip; Kindling Stone; and Gravity...but I was well aware of the rest of the lineup and this caused me to smile long before the festival even started! Long time favorites such as the Dry Branch Fire Squad, Tim O'Brien, The Wilders, Jerry Douglas, the Del McCoury Band, and Adrienne Young & Little Sadie all put on their usual wonderful shows. Also, newer favorites such as Uncle Earl, The Greencards, Red Stick Ramblers, Chatham County Line, the Infamous Stringdusters, Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper, and Abigail Washburn & Sparrow Quartet each made their high musical marks in my book. Superb music all around... Plus, I missed what I know are top-line bands such as the Gibson Brothers and The SteelDrivers. I also really liked David Grisman's Bluegrass Experience...the Dawg certainly knows his way around the bluegrass!

Steep Canyon Rangers


The Greencards

Uncle Earl

Missy Raines & the New Hip

And a huge favorite show, one where I laughed, cried, and was astounded by was the Hot Rize/Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers show! I have seen Hot Rize and their traveling buddies several times over the years, and this particular show definitely has stood out for me. It was a magical set, and the Trailblazers part of it had me in stitches all the while....and as an added bonus, I happened to run into Elmo backstage as he was duck-taping the fringe on his fiddle in preparation for his Trailblazer appearance. He was happy to see me and then lamented that he had forgotten his cowboy hat....I was more than willing to let him use mine onstage, in fact it would have been a high honor! But my hat was a bit big for him, so he had to fall back on his beret. I would have been way more than estatic if the hat would have fit him...>g<

Hot Rize

Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers

Then there is my favorite, and Mr. Bush did not disappoint, as usual! My good buddy Maple Al have a theory that the best Sam Bush show has to have been the last one you witnessed....and that theory held true on that Saturday night. Sammy was hoping to play earlier in the evening but when it was pointed out that he is always a tough act to follow he agreed to the later time on the condition that he play as long as he likes....works for me!! He ripped it up for over two hours in his usual dynamic fashion....new songs, old Sammy songs, and a bunch of old New Grass Revival tunes made for the most exciting set of the festival in my eyes and ears, and I realize that that thought is a broken record on my part. But...I can't help it. Thanks again to Sam, who always gives it his all and then some. He is the King.


alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5230467259257982258" />

As you can tell....I had a great time at Greyfox 2008! I will be blogging Part 2 of my favorite festival shortly...

Peace, David