Saturday, May 24, 2008

on the way to telluride....

My friend Sandy moved to Aspen, Colorado, in 1976. She was part of the "gang" that included my sister Kathi and my first wife Linda and a few others....we had lots of fun times, lots of great memories. Linda and I and our daughters had stopped to visit her on our way to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in around 1990/91, and she had been back to Wisconsin visiting a couple of times over the years...and I had also stopped in Aspen once by myself, getting to meet her new husband Brian.

Then, in about 1997/98, on yet another trip to Telluride I wanted to stop to see her and to introduce her and Brian to Lynn (my second and present wife....whew; Linda and then Lynn---it hasn't been easy at times. >g<)

Sandy and Brian had moved out to a city just to the west of Aspen, and this is where I met Brian. So, Lynn and I headed over there, and found that they weren't home. The house was locked, but I walked around to the back yard, finding that the patio door was open. I of course went in, found a notebook and a pen and proceeded to leave a detailed, rambling two page note/letter for her, explaining that I was sorry we missed them...we couldn't stick around as we were on our way to the festival.

Later that summer I mentioned to my sister that we had stopped to see Sandy and that I was surprised that I hadn't heard from her.....and this is when Kathi told me that Sandy and Brian had moved from that house about a year ago.

No wonder she never wrote back...>g<

Peace, David

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