Thursday, May 22, 2008

I digress...musically

Actually, my main passion, after my family, is cross-country skiing. To me the perfect day is a 25*f bright sunshiny day that also includes a fast, well-groomed ski trail. I am very fortunate to live smack dab in the middle of some of the best if not THE best cross-country terrain and consistent snow conditions in the country...and I dig it! Within 25-30 miles of my house there are at least a dozen sweet trail systems....and if you'd go out only 100 miles there are probably more trails than you could count.

One of my favorite systems is located about 30 miles away, and is part of the Afterglow Resort, in Phelps, Wisconsin. I like to go up there a couple of times during the season, with the added bonus that I get to stop at an excellent Mexican restaurant on the way home after the ski! (no kidding...a top-of-the-line Mexican food joint right there in little Conover...>g<)

So--I had signed in, paid my trail fee, and was in the process of changing into my ski boots in the big changing room when I struck up a conversation with the other couple in the room. We were all excited about the prime ski conditions...they were getting ready to hit the trails as well. The conversation was goin' along smoothly when I asked: "and where are you guys from?" The woman answered: "Plymouth..". hometown! I had moved north in 1974 and haven't really been back much since the mid-80s; so we were having a fun time talking about the town, when I asked: "in what part of town do you live...?" She told me "Mead Ave".

I kind of closed one eye, looking at her with a grin and asked: "246 Mead Avenue?"
"Oh my gosh...that's MY house!!", was her reaction. >g<

I gotta' love when this kind of stuff happens....
Peace, David

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