Friday, April 3, 2009

springfest trip...part 2

It truly was a magical musical trip to the south for me, despite the setbacks. (sometimes things just seem to work out....and I love it when that happens.)The first was the fact that Lynn and I had big plans to attend the Bluegrass Hotel concert, in Louisville, on March 20. This was the most anticipated concert that I can remember and when it fell on its face I was not happy! But, Lynn had taken a day off of work so she could ride with me to Louisville and we had purchased a plane ride home for her from Nashville on the 21st, so we decided to just head straight to Nashville; there was bound to be some good music somewhere in THAT town...>g<

And there was! The Station Inn has been a destination/stop/detour for me for many years now and I've seen some mighty fine shows there. And that Friday night was no exception, for the Josh Williams Band was on the schedule. I had become aware of Josh around 10 years ago when he was playing with the Special Consensus, booked at the Minnesota Old-Time and Bluegrass Music Festival. I was mighty impressed with the young man and bought what probably was his debut cd...he was very young at the time and a very hot guitarist. Well, now he's a grown man and his playing is still hot (he's played with both Rhonda Vincent and Tony Rice since I saw him...) and he is fronting a hot young band that I sure got a kick out of. The Station Inn was packed that night, and Lynn and I and my good buddy Dave #2 were the last three patrons they let in the door. It was a fun night...

Josh Williams Band...

During the day on Saturday we toured the Country Music Museum and Hall of Fame in Nashville. I had been to the old one back in the mid-90s and thought that it was very cool, and it sure has grown and changed since then and so now it's just as very cool. It's well worth the time and money spent if you have some time in Nashville. (man....did Bill Monroe ever beat up on his mandolin...! >g<)

On Saturday Lynn flew home and I had planned on seeing the Steeldrivers at the Staion Inn that night, but a change in the schedule brought on Bobby Osborne and his Rocky-Top Express band...another "setback" (I use the term very loosely here...), but certainly worth being flexible about! Amazingly, it was the first time that Bobby had been booked at the Station Inn; he mentioned it a couple of times. He had been there as a guest vocalist a few times, but this was his first paying gig...>g< He celebrated by playing "Rocky Top" twice (once at the end of set one and then again at set two), and the crowd loved it! The place was not crowded at all, so I even got to do a little dancin' an the was another fun night.

Bobby Osborne and band....

An Osborne treasure....


This is some HOT bluegrass fiddlin'....! I love it.


So...two nights spent and two nights not according to plan and two nights of butt-kickin' tradtitional bluegrass! Pretty damned sweet, I'd say...and the next night WOULD go according to plan, and that plan involved Atlanta and Darol Anger and my musical mind being taken to new places and I'm still diggin' it.

Peace, David

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