Monday, February 16, 2009

my first trip of 2009....

Pickin' at the Springfest

Every year the first musical trip taken by "Dancin'Dave'sFestivalCamping" is to usually sunny Florida, for the Suwannee Springfest. I love this festival...the music is always hot, the weather is usually perfect festival weather, and I get to see many friends that I have made since starting to go to Florida festivals back in October of 1998. The Springfest's sister festival is the Magnoliafest, which is held in October at the same sweet venue and put on by the same two fine festival producers, Beth and Randy Judy. The Magfest in 1998 was actually the second festival that I went to as a businessman....

I've had some very eventful trips to Florida in the spring. Coming from northern Wisconsin, I invariably have had to dodge late season snowstorms, along with several serious truck and trailer breakdowns; added to this has been the premature birth of my first grandchild on the way to Springfest 2002, and a breakdown of my trailer on the way the year (2005) that my daughter Erica got married on the beach in Mexico Beach, Florida. (I was carrying the wedding dresses and the wedding beer in the trailer on that trip! >g<)("Is it ok with you, Father, if Mike and I get married on the beach in Florida the weekend before your first festival?") ("Why yes, Erica...that would be just FINE!!" >g<)

So---this year will prove again to be an eventful trip, for on the way I'll be stopping in Louisville, Kentucky, for the most anticipated concert that I can remember! The Bluegrass Hotel concert is happening on March 20 and the timing is perfect for me because that is the weekend I'll be leaving home and Louisville just happens to be not very far out of the way.....! This concert is a celebration of what came to be known in Louisville back in the 70s and 80s as the "bluegrass hotel", an old mansion that was bought by a young fellow who turned the place into a haven for the young musicians who were busy creating the new bluegrass genre called "newgrass". Musicians such as Sam Bush, Vince Gill, Tony Rice, John Cowan, etc....would jam into the night and the mornings, joined by a never-ending revolving door of young guys and bands, all intent on rockin' the musical world. And they did! The main band at the concert will consist of Sam and Tony and John, along with Curtis Burch, Dan Crary, and J.D. Crowe. There are many other special musical guests promises to quite the show! My sweet wife Lynn is able to join me for this concert...she'll ride down with me and then will fly home from Nashville the next day, while I continue on to Florida. You can check out the details of this concert at

Then it's on to the Springfest, which happens in Live Oak, March 26-29, at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. This year's lineup includes Richie Havens; Donna the Buffalo; the Emmitt Nershi Band; Peter Rowan; Guy Clark & Verlon Thompson; Darrell Scott; The Gourds; Darol Anger & Mike Marshall & Vasen; Jim Lauderdale; The Duhks; Tornado Rider; Scythian; David Gans, and many others. A fabulous lineup, to be sure! There are five stages, along with two campground pickin' stages, a Kids' Program, and lots of great food and craft vendors. Plus, of course, there is that northern Florida springtime weather that is such a treat.....

Verlon Thompson and Guy Clark

David Gans with Railroad Earth

And I'd love it if you'd join me! For details on my service, just check out my website....

Peace, David

Suwannee Springfest

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