Wednesday, April 16, 2008

me and sammy...part 2

In April of 1998 I had the idea for my festival camping business while driving home from Merlefest. When I got home I got the ball rollin', calling a host of folks and running my idea past them.
One of the first calls was made to the Winterhawk Bluegrass Festival festival in New York...a festival that I had heard about for years and one I had dreamed about attending someday. Well, it turned out that it was the first festival trip I went on with my business, and I'll get into that story later. (suffice it to say that this festival, which of course is now called the Greyfox Bluegrass Festival, is my favorite festival, bar none.)
And of course the headliner, as least in my mind, was Sammy! And as usual, he tore the place up, as only he can...
Plus, he was playing in Saratoga Springs, New York, on the Tuesday night after the festival! I had some extra time on my hands so of course I made a side trip on the way home...>g< An added bonus to this trip was that I'd get to drive through part of the Adirondacks, a part of the world that I had never seen.
Had a neat little happening on the way to the gig.....I saw an older gentleman sitting in his driveway, so I stopped to ask directions. (I am not one of those men who refuse to do this....I would much rather find this info and be on my right way.) I rolled the window down in my truck, acknowledged the fact that this fellow would steer me the right way, to which he replied: "If you get out of that truck and sit here with me for awhile I'll certainly be able to help you!"
Man, it was a great visit....Ted was in his late 80s and talking with him was a definite treat! He told me all about the area, and which years he planted which trees and he was a pure delight. He shared his cold tasty lemondade, and of course he gave me great directions and I always hoped to get back there to visit with him again. And I'm pretty sure that he got a kick out of me, also...
So that night Sam and John and Jon Randall and Larry Atamaniuk were hot! It was great to see them at a venue that had fine beer and one where they could play for hours, loosening up and still staying tight at the same was a blast. I don't remember the name of the bar/restaurant, but I do remember that it also was a dart-ball hall. Now, I have seen many a pool hall, but this was my first dart-ball hall....there were probably a couple dozen dart-boards lined up on the walls.
And after the show Sam and his buddies, less Johnny C., all hung around playing darts. I had the good fortune to meet Sam's lovely wife Lynn also, and wasn't surprised to find that she's as sweet as she is foxy.
Anyhoo----I am usually not a heavy drinker. I love a couple of good tasting beers, but learned many years ago not to enjoy too many, especially if I have to drive! But for some reason, I'm afraid I let down my guard that night...I was simply having too much fun! I had this fun until 3:00am, when the place finally closed. Sam and the boys only had to walk across the parking lot to their bus, but I had to drive the 15 minutes to where I was camped at a nice state campground.
Well....I started driving at around 3:15, and didn't find my tent until 6:15! (and oh, what a pretty sight it was by that time....>g<) I do remember telling myself: "David....concentrate!" So I was concentrating up a storm, but that didn't seem to help much, except that I was sure I was driving safely; I do know that I was driving slowly, but it sure seemed as if I was in one of those revolving cartoons, where most of the scenery looks alike...
When I finally found my tent I collapsed inside and slept until noon, and when I awoke I remembered distinctly why I don't over-drink. That day I did drive through some beautiful country, and would have enjoyed that scenery much more if my head didn't hurt from so much concentrating a few hours before...
I did call my Lynn, who was back at home, and told her that I just can't run with the big boys, and she did her best to feel sympathy for me....
Damn...that night sure was fun, though!
Peace, David

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